The Essential Traits for a Digital Marketing Manager

The Essential Traits for a Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager is responsible for developing campaigns within the technology world. They plan the marketing within the platforms of social media, SEO, websites and other methods of advertisement. Digital marketing is a fast growing and progressive industry which means that marketing managers need a good understanding of marketing within online platforms.

A digital marketing manager is the most advanced in their field, they will usually work full time and have usually had previous marketing experience. It can be a fantastic role for anyone looking to progress within the industry. In order to perform well with the role and navigate the competitive nature of digital marketing, there are some key traits that a person must have.

1. Be Up to Date with The Latest Trends

In order to develop and oversee marketing strategies, a digital marketing manager must be able to research the latest marketing techniques to come to terms with the competition. This is particularly important to ensure the marketing of a business does not come outdated. The need for research into latest marketing trends also transfers into the need to research target audiences and determining what digital campaigns will be most beneficial and draw in the most people.

2. Have Relevant Experience

Digital marketing managers do not jump straight into the role, they often have years of experience and qualifications to become a manager in the area. This is where courses are valuable. There are various online courses which can provide you with the relevant skills in your free time. This means you can work and learn at the same time.

When searching for a job in digital marketing, having a qualification in digital marketing can make you stand out from the competition and show that you have professional experience.

3. Knowledge of SEO, SEM and Analytics

Search engine optimisation is an essential part of marketing strategies, it helps websites become noticed and increase customers to the business. Businesses are constantly trying to improve their search engine rankings so having knowledge of this is important.

Having regard to website analytics and acting to improve ratings is also important. They can help businesses understand what elements of a campaign are more successful than others and be able to repeat these elements in the future.

4. Knowledge in Social Media

As a large majority of digital marketing is channelled via social media so knowing the ins and outs of social media platforms is a must. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all channels in which many businesses promote their products. If your brand has a brand personality, this is one of the primary places to showcase these. Social media targets individuals’ emotions and feelings and if a business connects with what a business stands for, the business will gain more customers.

Tips for Finding a Job

Digital marketing managers can earn between 30-50k which makes it a great career option if you want to make this role a lifelong career.

In order to grab a new job opportunity in this role, you need to show that you have experience in what it takes and demonstrate your knowledge. Make sure you tailor your CV and cover letter with the relevant skills that employers will look at. For example, if you have managerial experience, explain when and where you obtained this. Further, demonstrate your expertise in the technology industry, without such expertise you will not stand against other job searchers.

Ensure that your CV is up to scratch and is easy to read. It should be structured and clear.

In the interview, you need to demonstrate that you can meet deadlines, manage teams and want to boost the company as best you can.