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Starts from KES. 25,000

I want to run a blog or get a one-page website fast. I have a low budget and I want to send emails or register for government services. I must be up and running between today and tomorrow.


Starts from KES. 70,000

My business has more information than I can fit in one page. I also want to send emails and allow clients to send me inquiries. I must be up in running within this week.


Starts from KES. 120,000

My needs are similar to those in the Startup website but my business is established and I want extra features and the freedom to customise my design. I must be up and running in two weeks.

Online Shop

Starts from KES. 150,000

I want to sell products or services online. My clients should pay me via MPESA, credit cards, Paypal and other forms of payment. I must start selling within a week or two.


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I have a custom website in mind that I can't see here. I need your help in identifying my needs and helping me visualise how the idea will be executed. Let's talk.

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I'm not sure what's the best option for me. I need someone to walk me through what I need to consider including costs, timelines & the benefits of each type of website.

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