The Best, Affordable Home Surveillance Solutions

home surveillance solutions

When it comes to home surveillance solutions, things can be extremely expensive. Especially in Kenya where security firms continue to milk the “common mwananchi” while providing close to no benefits.

The recent surge on the Internet of Things, internet connectivity, and camera technology has really opened up various avenues to securing your home or office. Brands such as Nest have developed their businesses around smart homes and have solved many of the issues plaguing the modern citizen.

Why home surveillance solutions?

There have been many at times that I want to keep track of my pet dog without having to bother the neighbor. There are times you leave the kids alone at home and you just want to keep track of their movements. Are there times your elderly parents are around and you want to make sure they are safe? Ever just wanted to have a recording just in case something gets lost or vandalized? Well, home surveillance solutions are able to provide this peace of mind.

The goodness of this list is that the cameras here are relatively inexpensive, all they require is a connection to the internet and an application, and you are all set.

Where can you purchase these cameras?

Nowadays, e-commerce is booming. With companies like Jumia and KenTex Cargo offering shipping services, acquiring the goods in this list can be easily done. All the cameras here are available on Amazon.

1. Wyze Cam V2 ($26+)


The cheapest option on our list has a simple design and a minimalist, box shape. Though simple, I prefer the simplicity the Wyze Cam offers. The large lens offers 1080p video, together with the added benefits of motion & sound detection, night vision, and two-way audio. Though the field of vision is a bit limited at 110 degrees, there is so much on offer in this inexpensive package and should be shortlisted by those looking to dip their toes in the home surveillance game. The device comes with an SD card slot since the company doesn’t offer cloud storage.

Available on Amazon.

2. Reolink Argus ($94+)

Probably the best outdoor camera for under $100. The Argus offers as good picture quality as its indoor brethren. It offers a wireless experience in that it uses batteries, this combined with its weatherproofing makes it ideal for use outside. Also, the company offers some nice accessories such as camouflage casings, used to blend the camera in with its environment and remain undetected. The camera houses a wide-angle lens that has motion sensors that are used to detect movement, alerting you when something suspicious takes place (via email, mobile phone or sirens). The device comes with an SD card slot since the company doesn’t offer cloud storage.

Available on Amazon.

3. YI 4-Piece ($100)

Ever wanted multiple cameras for an inexpensive price? That is exactly what YI offers with their 4-piece camera system. The sensors in the cameras are wide-angle lenses and shoot in 720p. All provide live stream services, allowing up to 4x zoom from your mobile phone. The application lets users customize schedules, allowing high activity zones to be customized so as to reduce false alarms. The cameras have cloud storage capabilities, but you have to set aside a subscription fee to YI.

Available on Amazon.

4. Blink Indoor ($99)

Lastly is the Blink Indoor Camera System. These are on the list for one reason, their promised 2-year battery life, using only AA batteries. The camera features a 720p sensor and a motion sensor, pushing notifications to your phone when movement is detected. The wireless design, combined with the onboard storage or streaming capabilities makes this camera a must-have.

Available on Amazon.


In conclusion, the home surveillance solutions market in Kenya is very premature. Home solutions such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home and even Apple HomeKit that have hit abroad are very niche in Kenya. This post just acts as a way to show you that there are numerous solutions to certain problems.

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Until next time, goodbye from the Mark & Ryse team.