Top 5 Website Trends Ranked For 2018

Website Trends

Hello readers, today we shall be looking at 2018 website trends.

Let’s face it, keeping up with trends can be seriously infuriating. Be it fashion, social media or even web related content.

Why should you fall victim to website trends?

Website trends are very useful in that they utilize existing and upcoming web technologies to improve customer experience. Each year the design and user interface change ever so slightly, allowing designers to play around with various formats. Today, we shall look at the trending design elements of 2018, making sure you are in the know, just in case you think your website needs to be revamped.

1. You can never go wrong with the illustrations.

The industry has never looked this good for illustrators. Illustrations allow for the imagination to run wild, they allow the mind to roam free. With illustrations, you are able to appeal to your audience in that not a particular person is targeted or personifies your organization the way images do. Such visuals allow an organization to stand out and add a bit of personality.

2. Animations make the website come to life.

Ever been on a site and the sign in page slides in from the side when you go to the home page? When you continue scrolling through the page, does the page respond to the motion and push back the slide? The above is an example of the animation offered by DropBox on their homepage and is a mundane expression of animations. When considering these, always consider their usefulness, intuitiveness, and practicality.

3. Mobile functionality is the money-maker.

One cannot stress this anymore in 2018. If your website is not responsive, then you are missing out on an expansive audience. Through social media sharing and the increase in mobile phone manufacturers, mobile phones have taken over our lives. Most of the people on the internet access media primarily using their mobile phones and making sure the site is responsive encourages them to visit the site more often than not.

4. Don’t underestimate the power of broken grid layouts.

Grids are used to create consistent, reliable and organized websites. With broken grid layouts, designers are able to bend the rules when it comes to text and images, allowing the media to spill past the “constraints”. These have resulted in some very unique designs.

5. Adventurous colors.

In the early stages of websites, people tended to mix up colors in their websites, sometimes developing some truly horrendous sites. With the streamlined tools that are availed to us in this day and age, this trend seems to be coming back, but instead of creating strange sites, the mix of colors has evolved into something exciting.


In conclusion, the ever-changing nature of website trends makes them interesting and fun to manipulate to your heart’s content. Just make sure not to go overboard.??

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Until next time, goodbye from the Mark & Ryse team.