Do You Really Need A New Smartphone?

new smartphone

Hi readers, we’re back with yet another post. Today we shall look at the topic of smartphones and answer the question; Do you really need a new smartphone?

Mature Smartphone Industry?

In the history of mankind, no innovative technology has seen the widespread adoption that smartphones and the whole mobile market have enjoyed. Over the past decade, the number of users has grown exponentially. According to Statista, the estimated number of smartphone users in 2020 will be 2.87 billion people?‍♂️?‍♂️.

Even with such numbers, the smartphone market suffered the first slump in growth in 2017, according to Gartner. At this very point in time, so much has been done. The consumers have finally been able to figure out what they want in a smartphone and if their current mobile satisfies them, why upgrade?

Is Innovation in the Industry Dead?

Gone are the days of the curved screens from LG, zoom lenses like the S4 Zoom or 3D Touch from Apple. Someone can actually say the space has gone a bit stale. These days almost all phones are just a slab of metal and glass with software to help run them. There are even so many manufacturers that consumers are finding it difficult to choose from the line-ups.

A while back, if you wanted to have the best experience, buying flagship phones was the ticket there. Nowadays, even a phone for Kshs. 10,000 can offer you a satisfactory experience. Nowadays, what people look for is that extra user support after purchase.


There isn’t very much that I do with my phone personally: browsing the web, playing music, watching videos, messaging, calling, the occasional picture or video and rare gaming periods. All these tasks can be handled pretty easily, with few hiccups along the way.

In conclusion, whether you purchase a new smartphone regularly or not all depends on you. There are those that always want to stay current in terms of technology and I cannot fault you at that, as a techy, I understand this all too well?. But for those who might want to save a bit of cash for better investments, purchase a good phone and it should serve you well for about 2 years.


Cheap phones are getting good. And good phones are getting cheap. – MKBHD


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