Website Creation: Common Obstacles To Closing Clients

Website Creation

Website creation has its pitfalls, mainly rejection by the client. Perhaps it is your style of communication or it may be pricing that is too extravagant. Every time this happens, it is always advisable to analyze your proposal and decipher why you couldn’t close the deal.

Top 5 Website Trends Ranked For 2018

Website Trends

Hello readers, today we shall be looking at 2018 website trends. Let’s face it, keeping up with trends can be seriously infuriating. Be it fashion, social media or even web related content.

Gmail to let users email cash


It’s the social situation we all try to avoid; forgetting to pay someone back because we don’t have any cash, or that card reader thingie, to do it online. Well Google are having a go at making debt settling easier, by allowing users to transfer funds on email. It’s coming in over the next few […]