Do You Really Need A New Smartphone?

new smartphone

Hi readers, we’re back with yet another post. Today we shall look at the topic of smartphones and answer the question; Do you really need a new smartphone?

ICT Kenya: 2014 year in review

Kenya ICT Year Review Mark and Ryse

Online shopping grew Competition in online shopping grew with entrants in the nascent sector curving different niche to remain competitive. Among the notable niche include dealers of used goods, brand new items, music. An online data based was developed by Private security firm, KK security and online classifieds company, OLX, to tame spiraling cyber crime […]

7 biggest tech fails of 2014


1) Matatu Cashless Payment System: Of-course this had to make the round-up. Kenyan authorities tried to ensure that we have a cashless payment system, the deadline of which was postponed several times. Maybe next year the Kenyan government & stakeholders will have better luck. 2) Facebook Paper: Facebook Paper was a flop. Though it was […]