Why successful people are rarely accessible

Chris Lema recently wrote a post about being less accessible in order to be more successful in your work.

In a nutshell, he cited that successful people have boundaries:

  • They don’t work for free.
  • They don’t work for just anyone.
  • They’re picky.
  • They’re selective.
  • They don’t let themselves be interrupted.
  • They create barriers to entry.
  • They make you work to meet up.
  • And when they’re with you, they’re focused.
  • Because they don’t let themselves be interrupted.

In short, successful people rarely waste their time. This piece was intriguing because I find there are so many people out there who are always free and available. Admittedly, there are times when I have been guilty of doing the exact opposite of some of these principles.

One of the principles – successful people do not do stuff for the sake of friendship; got me thinking how many times I have done business with clients and given them a bargain because they were “friends.”

And so I made a resolve to adopt a number of the above characteristics of successful people. So next time you find me taking time to respond to your Google or Facebook chat, just know it’s not personal it’s success!

Are you willing to adopt those characteristics? Let me know…