Website analytics 101: Why you need website analytics reports

As a website owner, it is essential that you understand your website visitor’s behaviour. Several ways exist for doing this, such as using tools available on your domain’s control panel such as Awstats. But by far the most effective I have seen is Google Analytics. So let’s delve straight into website analytics 101 for website owners.

What is web analytics?

Web analytics is the collection, measurement, processing and reporting of website activity in order to improve website usage and/or performance.

Why should you request your website host / website developer for your web analytics report?

So that you may assess and improve the effectiveness of your website.

What information should your website analytics report provide?

Visitors1)  The number of visitors to your website.

2) What information they are looking at on your website.

3) How long they are staying on your website, and more…

Why is this information important?

The website analytics report helps you tailor your website to what your clientele is looking for. The aim is to generate leads, grow your online presence and/or increase sales. The report will also allow you to establish an online marketing regime that will move your website from being an ‘online brochure’, to an invaluable resource for communication and interaction with your online community.

What do you do if you want this report?

Talk to your website developer or domain host and enquire if they have set up an analytics mechanism for your wbesite such as Google Analytics. If so, they should be able to quickly furnish you with a report. If not, request them to integrate Google Analytics or whichever other website analytics tool you prefer. They may do this free of charge or at a fee.

That does it for website analytics, feel free to send an email to for consultation and/or expert integration of Google Analytics for your WordPress website or domain.