Maximize Performance On Social Platforms

maximize performance

Performance when it comes to social platforms can be difficult to measure. Creating an active and engaged following is not simple. Especially since most platforms seem to continuously evolve their algorithms. Today, we shall look at some simple tips on how to maximize your performance on the popular social networks.

How to Adapt so as to Maximize Performance

With the vast amount of content floating around the web these days, organic reach for businesses has been on the decline. And with more complications being piled into social media algorithms, it can be difficult to maintain steady traffic rates.

1: Upload Video Content Directly

First and foremost, video content hardly qualifies as “out-of-the-box” suggestion here. But we’re including it because it can be an extremely powerful way to reach people organically on social media. Research shows that natively uploaded Facebook videos (videos uploaded through the platform, rather than by posting a link) have a 186% higher engagement rate, and are shared 1000% more than videos linked from other hosting sites. At the least, it’s definitely worth experimenting with posting native video content.

2: Make videos using photo assets

Businesses who don’t have the resources to film video content can still make engaging social media videos by using a combination of photos and text. Given that 85% of social video content is watched without sound. Text-heavy videos can actually grab attention and perform very well. What’s more, Facebook recently launched a tool which makes it easy to use your still image assets to create video content.

3: Use memes and GIFs to share funny and relatable content

GIFs are bite-size video files. And often used on social media to portray a certain emotion or relatable experience. GIF content is highly-shareable and requires little-to-no effort on the part of the brand. In fact, Facebook and Twitter both now have a built-in “gif” keyboards when you post, making it easier than ever to search and select funny, relatable shareable gifs:

4: Utilize user-generated content

From photos, videos, GIFs, memes, and even text-based posts. You can highlight, retweet, repost, and reblog when users create content about your brand. Whether they do it of their own accord, or you put out a call for UGC through a post, contest, or giveaway, the content can freshen up your social media calendar and provide you with new marketing assets.

5: Respond, respond, respond.

Lastly, earning engagement means actually engaging. And a great way to do that is to actually respond to people who engage with you on social media. Companies can explore creative ways to respond to users beyond the simple text reply.

In Conclusion

With a little creativity, some fun, and a healthy dose of planning. You can create a robust social content calendar with diverse, engagement-friendly content designed to work with the algorithms. Hopefully, these tips and examples get you thinking on how you can maximize performance on your social media.

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