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Sometimes when blogging, you can lose interest in the content you are producing, especially if doing it regularly. At times, things may get out of control. Finding yourself posting content that you do not even believe in. If you get to this point, please just take some time off. In this post, we shall look at some business blog tips.

Why a Business Blog?

A Business blog serves the purpose of keeping your customers or users up-to-date with matters in your industry. Some businesses even use them as mediums to engage with their people and educate them on their own products. With such uses in mind, maintaining a high quality on your blog is paramount.

Below are a few handpicked must-haves for those running business blogs:

1: Each Article Should Be Viewed As Its Own Product

This is a tip that changed my outlook on the entire gig. On the internet, there appears to be a drop in the quality of the posts. With such a drop, changing your mindset and viewing an article as an entity or product from your business. The haze clears. Creating blog posts carries a certain weight that otherwise, would be unheard of.

Below are some factors you should consider when evaluating a blog post. A product:

  • Is only useful if you know others want it. Validate an idea for a blog post in the same way.
  • Should be something that people would potentially pay for. Would they also pay for your articles? Simply starting to think, “Would anyone pay for reading this?“.
  • Needs continual iteration. So does a blog post. Hit Publish, even if you have grammar mistakes, formatting errors and so forth. You can correct these things along the way.

2: Crowdsource Ideas Regularly

Do not wear down your audience with just one topic. Experiment and push boundaries, making sure to stay within the borders of your industry. An added benefit would be taking cues from your everyday life and adapting them to your work. Such adds a bit of spice and differentiates you from the generic content found on the web these days. Though maintaining an RSS feed on other industry blogs is really helpful. Delving into new areas can help you detach from the norm.

3: Generate Unique Media

For bloggers, this is a given. By using your own content and enhancing it with SEO, others may link to your original article. Thus boosting your exposure and increase your business outreach. For the media, don’t forget to integrate keywords into the names, descriptions, and captions.

*Also, make use of watermarks with your logo or business name on your media.* – Thank me later.

4: Publish Your *Best* Foot Forward

First of all, never shy away from revealing industry know-how. Just because you reveal said information doesn’t mean your audience will steal the knowledge and start a company based on it. All it does is offer them assurance that you are an expert in your industry. Such antics act as a method of actually marketing yourself. And because few people engage in this, you play the role of the black sheep. I mean, there is no such thing as bad or good publicity, it just is.

5: Make Sure To Offer *Only* Useful Content

Lastly, make sure the information that you are putting out there is actually beneficial upon consumption. By doing this, you build a relevant following, boosting their trust and reliance on you for certain info. Some have even gone as far as building a community.

Invite users to interact with you in your blog comments. Encourage them to read your blog posts and to interact with you there. It’s a great way to increase your blog engagement and also helps empower them to share ideas that they might not have otherwise.

Survey your customers to find out what blog content they will find useful. Stop thinking you know what to blog about and ask your readers/customers to tell you. You’ll not only gain valuable insight into what your target market finds useful, but also promote your blog in the process.


Let this post encourage a dialogue down in the Comments section below. All thoughts are welcome.

Until next time, goodbye from the Mark & Ryse team.