Our Top Picks For Storyboarding Software

storyboarding software

Hello readers, today we shall look at our top picks for storyboarding software.

Video has pretty much taken over the world. So for any business, investing some time and effort into this craft can be pretty beneficial. A survey done by the Digital Marketing Institute showed that about 76% of users would share a branded video if it were funny. This has paid dividends in that 76% of marketers have said that videos have increased their sales numbers. Because of the simple nature to which

So, what is Storyboarding Software?

A storyboard is a graphic organizer in the form of images or illustrations. It displays them in a continuous manner, giving the illusion of motion or an interactive media. Walt Disney pioneered the storyboarding process as we know it today.

1. Storyboarder

Storyboarder Image Courtesy of Storyboarder

As the first options, Storyboarder is actually downloadable software rather than a web application. a suitable option for those on a budget seeing that it is free to use. It offers a clean interface and multiple key features necessary when editing your Storyboard. For those who prefer higher precision and are adept with Photoshop, Storyboarder works collaboratively with Photoshop. All the changes you make with the Adobe application will be reflected in Storyboarder, cutting short your learning curve.

2. Plot

Image Courtesy of Plot

Probably our favorite is Plot. The pure simplicity touted by this service and the speed to which it performs all the edits is simply amazing. It is a free service but offers a $7.50 monthly fee that allows you to generate an unlimited number of projects and more.

3. Moviestorm

Probably the most professional software on this list. None other offers the same amount features and robustness as Moviestorm. As the name suggests, it offers features for the creation of 3D characters and allows the users the ability to direct an entire clip. The software costs $225 to purchase.

4. Studiobinder

Image Courtesy of Studiobinder

A web application that boasts clients such as BuzzFeed. This offers excellent team collaboration services together with advanced visualization tools. The project management abilities allow for the assigning of tasks and addition of comments, which is vital for project leaders/supervisors. It is free, but the Professional version of it has a subscription fee of $49 a month.

5. Canva

Canva Storyboarding Software

Image Courtesy of Canva

In case you have never heard of storyboarding, Canva is the best way to get started with the concept. It is completely free of charge and it allows beginners to stretch their legs. Canva offers a vast library of templates to choose from and allows teams of people to collaborate on the same project, which is very useful for a team handling the job.


In conclusion, for those business owners who would like to up their game in regard to media production, storyboarding can be a lucrative avenue to such a goal. The conventional method of creating videos for advertisements can be arduous and time-consuming, storyboarding software looks to bridge that gap.

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