Social Media Content Tools To Get You Inspired

Social Media Content Tools

Hello readers, today we shall be looking at 5 social media content tools which you can draw inspiration from for your own posts.

When it comes to social media, staying relevant and fresh isn’t an easy task.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, a business cannot run without having at least one social media account. This is where they are able to maintain relevance with their customers, where they can answer questions regarding their businesses, run advertisements and so much more. Maintaining these accounts for months on end can seem a bit daunting, speaking from experience?, but a few sites actually help social media managers in this regard.

Why choose Social Media Content Tools?

Because of the numerous number of people online at a time, it is difficult to come up with something truly authentic and unique. Thus, in order to not burn out after a few weeks at the helm, social media marketers tend to make use of other tools to keep themselves up-to-date. These tools ensure that the media they post is interesting, relevant and timely. Therefore we decided to publish this post. Either to add to your knowledge base or help you get started.

1. Identify new content using Feedly

Probably the most used and famous of all the tools in this list. Feedly needs no introductions. It is a news aggregator for various websites that have integrated the tools APIs. With Feedly, keeping up with your favorite sites is so easy. With a simple UI, you can conveniently organize and streamline your information. And the added fact that this service is free simply proves why this is a must-have.

2. Leverage Reddit to engage in lively commentary.

Arguably the largest user base among the tools in this list, you are spoilt for choice when searching for inspiration. From hilarious memes to the tantalizing new stories, there is so much to keep you entertained on Reddit. All of the conversations that you engage in, lead to the mushrooming of ideas.

3. Find trending & new articles and videos on Digg.

Digg is a social networking site. It features links from various regions of the internet. They also build their own list of viral posts from the internet and place it in one place. The stories submitted are voted on by the Digg community, with the highest rated placed in “Top News”.

4. Discover holidays and events on Forekast.

Allows for the quick overview of upcoming and trending events. From sports events to national holidays, the site arranges the events based on the number of upvotes received from the community. The feed arranges all the events, sometimes even showing some that are months ahead. With your continued use of the web application, the site picks up on your viewed events and finds related ones to add to your feed. Also, another functionality offered is adding events to your calendar, alerting you when the time comes.

5. Utilize Upworthy for shareable content.

As a social media news site, they offer a shareable content without having to edit it. With so many categories to choose from, finding inspiration for your social channels is pretty easy. The issue with this is that you can get lost in the sea of content. I guess that is an issue plaguing all content sites???.


In conclusion, the above social media content tools should allow you to strategically plan out your postings. There is no excuse for remaining boring or repetitive. They should be able to reinvigorate your social media creation, creating interesting content on a regular basis.

Let this post encourage a dialogue down in the comments section below and all thoughts are welcome……….

Until next time, Goodbye from the Mark & Ryse team.