DSTV compelled to share English Premier League airing rights

Star Times, Zuku and other Pay Tv providers in the country will begin sharing the exclusive rights to air English Premium League(EPL) and local high-end games from August under a new commercial arrangement by communication authority of Kenya.

The cost of accessing the premium content is also set to significantly come down as the Authority moves to unlock the potential to a bigger pool of digital content providers.

The sector regulator said it is crafting new conditions to be aligned with official certificates that will compel Multi-choice Africa to cede it’s monopoly in the provision of premium content in order to create a level playing field.

A truce to the long tussle will be a great reprieve for Zuku and Star Times who have been on the frontline calling for the government to force Dstv to stop the ‘uncompetitive behavior’ to boost local access to affordable entertainment.

Communication Authority(CA) asserted it is taking serious considerations and stern action in areas affected by abuse of dominance in the telcos sector, affirming commercial interests must be shared equally.

“Anybody seeking to officially get a license with us, irrespective of who they are in the broadcasting arena,unless and until they agree with the conditions of sharing premium content, we will tell them to quit the market,” said CA Director General, Francis Wangusi.

The new measures by the regulator is geared to protect local viewers at the ‘Whims of just greedy broadcasters who would like to make money and disadvantage Kenyans from getting value of services they get.’

Story Courtesy, Conrad Onyango