You’re the hope amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

For many years, Easter has always been a weekend devoted to indulging oneself in chocolate, chapatis, meat and merry-making. This year, however, was different, because of COVID-19.
We’re living in unprecedented times, but a few things remain key when it comes to safeguarding your business for the future. Preparation is key, and that’s why we’ve put together 5 ways your business can remain relevant during these tough times.

1. Get the word out

It’s important to keep your customer base informed of your availability over the COVID-19 period. Get the word out if you’re staying open. Jump on Facebook or Instagram to make a social post, update your Google My Business with the ‘Special Hours’ feature to reach those searching for a place that’s open. If unfortunately, you have to close, for now, it’s still important not to pull any surprises on your clients. Let them know that you are or will be closed. This will go a long way in helping them to make alternative arrangements and planning ahead.

2. Help people keep calm under lockdown

Just watching an hour of TV can reveal countless stories of absolute hopelessness and despair amidst this outbreak. Social media and WhatsApp groups are awash with stories that will keep you frozen in fear. Some are not even factual (but who cares?), we forward these stories non-the-less. But there’s something you can do as a business. You can share stories of hope, you can fact-check stories spreading on social media. You can give your clients tips on how to spend their time with friends and family. You can give ideas on homeschooling. What more can you do?

3. Help people keep working

By now, many people are using tools to connect virtually that they had not downloaded only a week or two ago. But many are also in crisis management mode, balancing life and work demands, and not making the most of digital tools. If you’re still offering your services, what tools are you using to enable your staff to work from home? Can you help other businesses to set them up and use them? COVID-19 has shown us that we are more than our daily routines. Look into how you can help other businesses to survive this period so that we come out stronger than before after this pandemic.

4. Help customers stay solvent

The economy is already reeling. Many businesses have had to lay off workers and some clients are unable to pay for your products and services. You can offer temporary breaks in this cash crunch. You can provide refunds on lost opportunities, waive fees, offer payment holidays and extend credit access.

5. Provide material aid, not memes

In the spirit of Easter giving, Kenya needs help to navigate this crisis. So far, too many companies are responding with clever brand or logo designs. Businesses are creative, powerful forces in our society. By addressing your skills to our shared challenge, you can close the gap between symbolic and substantive action and live up to your full purpose. Let’s all be reasonable, let’s see what we can do as businesses, to help this society that we love so much. Let’s all come together to make a change.
Feel free to share with us your stories on how you’re making Kenya better, through your business or personal efforts and we’ll be sure to share your story on our blog. We all have different skills, and we can use them to make Kenya awesome. Will you join us in this? Let us know.