Video Tools: Inexpensive Solutions For Marketers

Hello readers. Today, we shall be looking at some video tools that can help take your marketing to the next level. Without further ado, let’s delve right in.

Why Video Tools?

Shortly, the video industry has taken over the world. YouTube seems to be at the forefront of this revolution. Averaging about 30 million visitors a day. With almost 5 billion videos being watched in a day. So this, this is the place to be if you want to take your marketing in a new direction and to improve the outreach of your business.

This article doesn’t only focus on YouTube videos, it focuses on creating video content at the fraction of the price, making the video shareable across various social networks. Here, we shall discover 3 tools used to create videos. All of them help you polish up on the quality to create a captivating experience for your target audience.

1. Biteable


Biteable allows you to create video animations, advertisements, and even presentations. All from a suite of 60 templates. With a free version and a paid version, you get different benefits. For the free version, they let you create and publish your video to Facebook, YouTube and your website. However, they limit the number of videos you can make in a month to only 5, but for beginners, this is more than enough. For the Monthly/Yearly Subscription, it is about $29/$26 a month, offering you unlimited videos and storage. While removing their watermark from the videos.


All you have to do to get started is click on the Get Started button. They will ask you for more information like the type of ad, the reason for the video and more, just so that they can better tailor the templates for you. Once this happens they direct you to the video timeline where you can edit the scenes, color, audio and preview the video.

The timeline page allows you to customize the video timeline. Selecting the provisional title and name of the video itself. You can edit the text in the scenes by clicking on the one you want to edit. Then you use the leftmost middle window to customize. Adding a scene is simple, just click on the + at the bottom section. It will open up a gallery from which you can choose different layouts from. Accompanying audio is always important for a video and the assortment they have is vast, But if you want to upload your own, nothing is stopping you. Afterward, after the preview, you can share the video on social media or embed it on your website.

2. PlayBuzz

Strangely, PlayBuzz is not actually a video creation tool. It just happens to also include the ability to do so. It is an online publishing platform that offers the ability to create interactive content. Such as polls, quizzes, videos, lists, trivia and more.

On the video side of things, PlayBuzz allows you to upload your own images and videos for manipulation. There are also some Giphy if you need them. Although the interface is minimal, the editor allows you to add captions, edit their positions, font and animations. They allow you to choose the color theme and sound throughout the video. Finally, after editing the video and publishing, they have profiles and the videos are shown off on their site. Showing off your skills to other PlayBuzz users. They have plugins for Twitter and Facebook, providing direct sharing with your various accounts.

3. Magisto

Magisto is a professional video editor. Through the use of Emotional Sense Technology. After analyzing raw footage, it edits the video, creating polished videos that are social media ready. Just like the other options, it has both free and subscription plans, starting at about $5/month. For what it offers, the upgraded plans offer more (of course, they need to make money??). With the premium plans, they offer the industry standards such as downloading options and logo uploading. For us, we are more interested in the analytics and insights they offer in this package. Allowing you to fine-tune the videos in the future.


In order to start, click on the Start Here button. After that choose whether you want to edit a template or create a video from scratch. When you get to the editing panel, you can upload your images or video. After this, you choose the editing style you fancy than add music. Then once you are satisfied, press finish and the editor will do its thing, producing a preview. With the preferred video chosen, you can share the video. Either privately or publicly. Further refinements can be made on the video by clicking the Go to Storyboard button on the preview page.

4. CreatorKit

With CreatorKit you can create thumb-stopping videos in a few seconds just by choosing the template that best fits your needs and exploring the many editing options this online program offers.

In conclusion, these are our picks for the top video tools that do not “break the bank”. They can help push your company in terms of its marketing ability. Thank me later.?

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Until next time, goodbye from the Mark & Ryse team.