Uses of the YouTube Community Tab

YouTube Community Tab

Hello readers, today, our focus will be on the YouTube Community tab.

YouTube has taken over the media content world by storm. Every minute, roughly 4.3 million videos are viewed on YouTube. With such numbers, anyone looking to market themselves or their products on the platform would have a diverse & expansive outreach. Day in, day out, people start channels but this soon fails because they do not know how to appeal to their audience and keep them interested. This is where the Community tab comes in. It allows for an open dialogue between a channel’s audience and the video creators. Through it, the creators can engage with their audience, providing a feedback system in which they can learn from, in order to tailor the content.

Why the YouTube Community tab?

The Discussion tab on YouTube was replaced by the Community tab. This is because the Discussion tab had limited functionality and Google wanted to increase engagement on the platform. The Discussion tab of old only allowed for the posting of text-based content. The Community improves on the versatility by allowing for different forms of media, such as videos, images, texts, links and more.

The thing that has made YouTube so successful is that you can relate to the people you’re watching to a much higher degree than to the people you see on TV.PewDiePie

a) Marketing Products

Marketing Products

The YouTube community tab provides an opportunity to market or sell your merchandise. After posting your video on the channel, links to various products featured in the video can be posted here. Using the link from YouTube, most YouTubers offer a discount on the product, this encourages the subscribers or visitors to visit the channel more.

b) Promoting New Videos

After posting a new video on YouTube, sharing it on The Community tab helps to get it to your subscribers faster, at least for those who have not activated notifications. On the link preview, YouTube avails the thumbnail, duration, number of views and video age.

c) Polling Viewers

Polling looks to extract general ideas from your subscribers. You can do this for each of your videos, allowing you to easily get the views from the viewers, rather than relying on comments. Polls are generalized comments, with generalization comes easier tabulation of results and this allows for flexibility when creating content.

d) Hosting a Q&A session

The effectiveness of such a session rests on your popularity as a YouTuber. The tab allows you to engage with your subscribers or channel visitors. The best way to get the most out of this session is to promote the session on the tab, so as to ensure many of your users participate.

e) Rallying the Subscriber Community


Rally Community

The YouTube community tab is the perfect way to garner the support from a creator’s following. It allows the creator to reach out to his/her subscriber’s and direct their attention towards a particular topic. Topics can range from charities they are involved in to garnering votes towards achieving a certain distinction or award.


The Community tab in YouTube allows for creators such as you to stay in touch with your subscribers in ways you could not do before, even in the comments. Let this post encourage a dialogue down in the comments section below and all thoughts are welcome……….