Android user interface physical stencil design kit

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Designing user interfaces is a challenging activity, however, there are several resources that soften a designer’s work-flow. Today we take a look at physical User Interface Stencil Resources. Being a relatively new arena in the design realm, the use and availability of physical stencil design resources is limited. As I was researching this topic I noticed we don’t yet have a page on User Interface Stencil Resources on Wikipedia yet. Hopefully I can write one soon!

UI Stencils have a great Android Stencil Kit (the only one I could find actually) that allows you to mock-up app ideas with ease. The kit is perfect for quick idea generation and brainstorming of the user interface, user experience, app flows and wireframing. It includes a gesture key on the backside and new UI components and existing conventional controls such as the Spinner, Primary Action Bar, Tab Bar, Secondary Action Bar, and new integrated Nav Bar.

Design Commission have a great video demonstrating the use of the same on vimeo. Watch it here. I guess that’s a brief intro into the world of physical UI stencil kits. Keep your eyes on the lookout, hope we can have the kit available locally soon.